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Emergency Power - Generators

We are factory trained and authorized Generac service providers. Generac Generator Service We can provide you with the expert knowledge and service that you can depend on. If you are considering a new system we can help  you get the best generator to match your needs.

Whole House Protection – How It Works

Keeping your family safe and protecting your home is a priority. A well designed electrical system also incorporates those options that add comfort convenience, and security. A stand by generator offers superior protection, convenience and can power a whole home. Unlike portable generators, they are hard wired directly to the main breaker panel and are controlled by an automatic transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch disconnects your electrical system from the utility after detecting an interruption in service. Once your home is disconnected off the grid, the generator starts up before transferring its power to the home's main circuit panel. When normal power resumes the generator will shut down and reconnect to the utility.

Standby V.S. Portable

Automatic standby generator are perfect for any home that has a home office or home based business. Persons who need medical equipment or have a special health related needs would better served with an automatic generator. Retired and elderly who want to live worry free or would be unable to manage starting and fueling a portable generator should select an automatic generator.

Portable generators use gasoline for fuel, a standby generators fuel source is external such as natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel and can run for days. With a prolonged power outage, due to natural disaster, fuel could be consumed and delivery could be a problem. A standby generator can operate for days if required.

Transfer Switch

A portable generator can be directly connected to the electrical system in your home with a transfer switch. This switch protects appliance from voltage drop that can burn out motors it also prevents power from accidently feeding back into utility lines where it could injure utility workers servicing power lines. A transfer switch also protects your generator from serious damage if normal power is restored.

A Four blade twist lock respectable is installed and is connected to the transfer switch. When the power goes out the generator is connected with a heavy duty extension cord that is configured with the correct voltage and amp rating. The extension cord has the correct male and female twist lock ends to connect the generator to the transfer switch receptacle. However, the generator needs to be properly sized for the load demanded. If the load is too great, voltage will drop and it may cause significant damage motors and other vital internal equipment.

Critical Circuits

Determining what circuits should be connected to the manual transfer switch will help determine the power requirements and what size generator is best. Not all circuits need to be on simultaneously this allows a portable generator to do a bigger job. Most new homes have a 200 amp forty circuit breaker box and circuits are labeled on the cover door. Having a detailed circuit map is important for calculating the load and knowing witch circuits will be selected to connect to the manual transfer switch. A manual transfer switch is connected to the most critical circuits on the main panel, for example, a water pump, refrigerator, furnace, kitchen counter and lighting. A manual transfer switch could have twelve circuits connected to the main breaker box but only three circuits in use. With the manual transfer switch circuits can be switched as needed. For example, a kitchen counter circuit could be turned on to power a microwave then switched to a different circuit for watching TV.

Power Loads -Watts

Remember Ohm's Law ?
Watts = Volts x Amps
Amps = Watts/Volts

So if you have two of the numbers (e.g. volts, amps) then you can find out the other (e.g. watts). This can help you to determine the rated power that you'll need from your generators
The maximum and rated power of the generator also needs to be taken into consideration. This is important depending on what circuits you want to run off of your generator. Resistive loads such as lighting, toaster oven, and coffee maker are constant. For example a 100 watt light bulb draws 100 watts. Reactive loads such as water pump, sump pump, or refrigerator use approximately 3 to 4 times the running wattage for start up. The starting load should be calculated at running amps x 3. Remember, after the initial start less power is required for actual operation. Wattage Table Pdf.

Safety Considerations

A portable generator proper installed can protect your home and make a prolong power outage less stressful. There are some important safety considerations. Portable Generator: Safety Considerations